About Us


~ India is a world wide-based at INDIA CRIME & HUMAN RIGHTS GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL ASSOCIATION (ICAHRGRA), a non-government organization,

~ India is working on the most serious problem of crime in the state of Gujarat crime, corruption, female assassination, crime corruption, female assassination Awareness works, and gives legal information to the people against this heinous nishad, and neglect negative thinking towards the girl in the society.

~ Gives and motivated the people to make them capable by educating the girls.

~ In the society, the focus of the people is decreasing number of girls and in the Slum region

~ It is a program to provide food package to the poor people.

Objective  Of   NGO

 1.  Crime and crime free society. 
 2.  Ending corruption from society and country. 
 3.  Diagnosis of social problems. 
 4.  To give legal rights and fair justice to the citizens.
 5.  To establish unity, unity and mutual brotherhood. 
 6.  End anti-national elements and bribe landslide. 
 7.  To give respect and respect to women in the society. 
 8.  Free the innocent and capture the culprits. 
 9.  Fulfilling the fear of the police in the minds of the masses and    establishing correctness and understanding. 
10. Providing legal advice and free assistance to poor and widowed    women. 
11. To eliminate any kind of crime, join the concerned officials of    the concerned department to prevent crime. 
12. Running a campaign against terrorists. 
13. Working in national interest and public interest.  . 
14. Having  knowledge of fundamental duties with written and        fundamental rights written in the Constitution of India.